Voice Therapy


What is Voice Disorders?

Voice is the sound produced by vibration of the vocal folds in the Larynx.

A voice Disorder occurs when the vocal fold does not vibrate well enough to produce a clear sound.

What cause Voice Disorder?

Yelling or making loud play sounds, Throat clearing and excessive coughing can cause a voice disorder

These voice behavior cause the vocal folds to close hard against each other causing blister like bruiser that can cause

·         Vocal nodules

·         Subglottic Stenosis

·         Vocal cord Cysts

·         Granuloma

·         Papilloma


Characteristics of Voice Disorders





What is the Treatment for Voice Disorder?

A Speech Language Pathologist Must be consulted for any vocal issue.

Some voice disorders are treated by medication or surgery, other voice disorders can be treated with voice Therapy.

Voice therapy consists of learning new patterns of voice production and eliminating old ones.

Some of Therapy Includes

·         Identifying and Eliminating harmful voice Patterns.(Such as Yelling, screaming, Throat Clearing , Etc)

·         Improving vocal health by increasing water intake and avoiding caffeine.

What can Parents do to help?

·         The Purpose of Voice therapy is to teach your child a new way to Produce Voice.

·         For this skill to improve , the child should practice the voice exercises daily.


Following activity can help your child improve his/her Vocal skills


·         Do not Yell to communicate

·         Drink plenty of water and avoid soft drinks

·         Encourage “Voice Naps”. For eg Play a game without any words.

·         This Help Child give His/ Her Voice at rest

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