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Hearing loss is a big worry in the human population, and it puts people in danger in their daily activities. Early identification of hearing loss aids a hearing challenged child's communication and social development. Auditory abilities are still an important part of a child's speech and language development. Hearing equipment such as hearing aids and implants, regardless of the degree and type of hearing loss, have enabled these advancements.

Adults with hearing loss may become socially isolated and emotionally distressed. The effects of ageing on the auditory system are the major cause of adult onset hearing loss. Hearing loss in elderly people is caused by the cumulative effects of noise exposure and ototoxic medications, as well as the degenerative effects of ageing on the cochlea.

Hearing aids, cochlear implants, and assistive listening devices are examples of amplification devices. When therapy is delivered at the correct time, a person's ability to communicate improves.

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